What up UTB

Hello xUTBx, This is xUTBx RTK420. I used to be known as RichieTheKing69, xUTBx FURY, and also, xUTBx Godfather. But this is an entirely new account because I got tired of the damn glitchers in SVR fucking up my record. Now that I have bought GTA IV and are currently awaiting for the arival of SVR2009 and Gears of war 2, I will probably play GTA IV, Halo 3, and SvR 08 while i wait. If anyone wants to play give me a call on xbox live because i am always ready to do something...... Now off the video game topic for a seccond, My name is Richie I am from Missouri and I like to just have fun with videogames. I have been arrounf videogames sence i was a youngster but now that i have got old enough to realize what i am doing in videogames i REALLY enjoy them...Hehe good thing i wasnt arround Drugs instead of video games. Well as of late my Homie that i hang out with on Xbox LIVE is xUTBx CAPONE so when you ready to get C4pon3d Bring your self. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS REMEMBER to not send me tomany message because i get really pissed off when i dont have time to blink in between reading messages. I am glad the new site is up and running, it will be more dominate then our old one. well this is RichieTheKing420 (RTK420) and I will see you all on XBL, later.